Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our wedding website!

We've set up this page to give you some information about our big day and to let you comment on our plans and ideas.
If you'd like to give us a gift on our wedding, please take a look at the gift list section on the website.
Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all!

Lucy and John

Wedding itinerary

JUL 2018

Stag and hen weekend!

Newquay Town Center - 10, Shore street, Newquay

We think after all this wedding stress, it´s time to take a break and have some fun with our closest friends!  So you know what that means… stag & hen weekend!  We both will have our stag & hen weekend before we depart for Scotland, both will be in the same area but each one separate. We depart on July 14th and return on the 16th.  

Everyone that is interested in going please let us know by late April.

As for the hen:

We will be staying two nights in a bed and breakfast near the town center of Newquay.

On Friday after we settle in and have some lunch we will explore the towns center and then at night hit the clubs for some dancing. Saturday is Spa Day! We will get massages and get our nails done. Then we will visit some shops for a little shopping and end the afternoon with a BBQ by the beach and a beach cocktails master class . At night we will hit the local bars for some fun! Sunday is an early fresh breakfast and then head back home.

As for the stag:

We will be staying two nights in a bed and breakfast near the town center of Newquay.

Friday afternoon we are going to have a beach side BBQ and then at night go to the local bars. On Saturday it´s an early breakfast and then off for some paintball action, let´s see who is the best at it! Then it´s dinner and off to the clubs. Sunday we get some breakfast and head out back home. 

JUL 2018

Our wedding and cocktail reception

National Archives of Scotland - 2 Princes Street, Edinburgh

One of Edinburgh's most beautiful and important buildings, we'll get married in front of our family, friends and some of Scotland's most important documents. Then we can eat, drink and dance the night away in a cocktail reception to celebrate!